To GIN or not to GIN ?

The ‘ginaissance’ in the United Kingdom has been remarkable. Mothers ruin, as the drink was tongue in cheek known has grown from strength to strength and we are not just talking about its ABV figure !

Gin producers over the last six years have doubled to over 300 distilleries in the UK. It is a truly British inspiration that artisan and small craft producers have spearheaded the rise in demand, pushing consumption of the spirit up by as much as 20%.

With nearly 50 million bottles now sold annually gin appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. Unlike many products, small enterprise is leading the show, with most of the mass producers struggling to keep up with ever changing flavours, blends, trendy marketing and bottling.

What is clear is that the upsurge in the gin market will have positive effects for the whole spirits market. Small batch producers will inevitably move to produce the longer aged spirits such as whiskey, brandy and rums, using gin profits to spring board into these more corporately protected products. This move by spirit entrepreneurs can only be seen as positive to the consumer and to the country as a whole where employment and export is concerned.

People are now offered a multitude of options, be it fruity, botanical , Mediterranean, long gone the days of a London dry gin with an even dryer piece of old lemon, often swallowed when presented with the bar bill ! Competition in the case of gin has brought choice but also driven the costs to the consumer down generally for a better product than previously offered, very rarely seen in other product markets.

Aspreys & Clarke have found that since the resurgence of gin and other small batch spirits, the requirement for cocktail and spirit accessories has also risen.  These products make a perfect accompaniment too that carefully selected artisan tipple which are perfect for parties or entertaining.  Our cocktail stirrers made from stainless steel make a perfect gift for the gin lover. They can be fully personalised making them a keepsake item rather than a throw away plastic stirrer, which are highly unpopular with ever increasing environmental concerns.




‘Always drink responsibly’